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Memphis, TN’s Top Hair Beauty Supplier

For over 10 years, Super Discount Wigs & Salon has been Memphis, TN’s premiere hair beauty supplier. We make our customers’ beauty dreams a reality daily. Our skilled, experienced, and passionate stylists have spent years perfecting their craft and providing customers with top-quality haircuts, wigs, and more. We provide our knowledge and expertise for every customer, ensuring they are completely satisfied from when they visit us to when they leave with a brand-new ‘do. We have the largest collection of wigs in the area and carry hair and beauty products from leading brands and hair companies.

woman flipping hair

The Latest Styles. Classic Looks.

Our goal is to bring customers the newest trends, services, and products with timeless styles. As experienced stylists, we’ve seen many looks come and go. We understand that each customer has different needs and wants for their hair. We offer a wide range of salon services and products to give your hair a perfect look. From stunning cuts, braids, and weaves to eye-catching lash and brow styling, our stylists do it all. We offer our products and services at affordable prices. We look forward to scheduling your appointment, welcoming you, and having a fun time. Your beautiful new hair is just an appointment away.

woman with great hair

The Perfect Style for You

There’s a world of possibilities waiting for your hair. Whether you want a fresh look for a big night out or a style for your daily life, we offer the products and services needed to satisfy you. As skilled and passionate stylists, we love recommending services and giving style tips to our customers. We’ll assess your hair and give you advice on the best products to use. You’ll love our top selection of wigs, shampoos, and coloring options that bring life and vibrance to your hair. We’re here to ensure your hair has everything it needs to look and feel its best.

Your Beauty Is Our Duty